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FLEXIBLE Polyurethane

polyurethane production line setup

Flexible polyurethane foam production line setup and/or improvement including materials sourcing and production staff training.


We’ve got experience in production setup and equipment procurement

We can help in obtaining raw materials and chemicals, train your staff in making formulations, which saves financial resources in getting final products to market faster.


We offer

Identification of production requirements
Equipment procurement (foaming lines and conversion equipment)
Raw materials and chemicals sourcing
Production staff training
Polyurethane foam formulating principles
Foam faults troubleshooting
Identification of money saving


Flexible polyurethane foam and its potential on commercial markets

A flexible slabstock foaming line is typically a large plant with a number of intricacies. This is why introduction of experienced consultant early in the process is a wise decision that pays off in the long run of plant existence.

Flexible polyurethane foam is one of the most versatile materials ever created. We are literally surrounded by it in our lives. Its in our cars and under our carpet. Its used as packaging material to protect delicate instruments and its the cushioning material of choice in almost all furniture and bedding. In all, over 1.7 billion pounds of foam are produced and used every year in the North America alone.

Foam has become such a widely used material because it provides a unique combination of form and function. Its light, quiet, resists mildew, and won't aggravate common allergies. Foam can easily be cut or molded to almost any shape. At the same time, foam can be made to provide very supple or very firm cushioning for any given application.

If you need a consultant for setting up a spunbond line, flexible slabstock polyurethane foaming line, a bedding plant, a carding line for polyester wadding, felt or geotextiles contact us today!


Business opportunities

Today’s most common applications of flexible polyurethane foam

From furniture cushioning to sport industry to building sector. We are literally surrounded by it in our lives. Below are listed typical applications of flexible polyurethane foam today.

flexible polyurethane furniture cushioning

Furniture cushioning

  • Precut cushions
  • Sheets
flexible polyurethane mattresses


  • Full foam
  • In spring mattress
  • Medical mattress
flexible polyurethane technical foam

Technical foam

  • Packing (stamp cutting) and packaging parts
  • Acoustic foams (rebonded or convoluted foam)
  • Visco elastic foams
  • Sound absorption
flexible polyurethane in sports sector

Sports sector

  • Shock absorbent wall covering in gymnasiums
  • Flooring in gymnasiums
  • Mats for gymnastics, wrestling, judo, boxing etc.
flexible polyurethane upholstery sector

Upholstery sector

  • Top pads for spring mattresses and seats
  • All kinds of moldings for the furniture and automotive industry
  • High load bearing capacity seats
flexible polyurethane building sector

Building sector

  • Carpet underlay