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roll of carder fabric

Carded products production line setup including plant layout, staff training and setting up testing laboratory for physical testing of products.


We’ve got experience in setting up drylaid based production of non-wovens

Our dedicated consultants provide assisstance in setting up production of carded products (non-wovens) under the drylaid web formation process.


We offer

Project planning
Equipment procurement (including all
ancillary equipment)
Plant layout and startup
Staff training and training manuals
Testing laboratory setup


Production of carded products in the drylaid web formation process

A wide number of products for different applications are made in this way. This is why it is a very good opportunity for companies who are looking at going to market faster without the heartaches of experimentation.

Carding is a mechanical process that consists of a rotating drum or series of drums covered in fine wire comprising of teeth which comb the fiber to align them, more like combing your hair. The subsequent web formed from the carding process is further processed in different ways to bond the fibers depending on the final products.

There are a number of profitable products which can be produced on a carding machine, we can be your consultants to identify a suitable product, help you procure the correct equipment and raw materials with our contacts in the industry, design the plant with emphasis on factory ergonomics, supervise the erection of the plant and start-up the plant.

If you need a consultant for setting up a spunbond line, flexible slabstock polyurethane foaming line, a bedding plant, a carding line for polyester wadding, felt or geotextiles contact us today!


Business opportunities

Today’s most common applications of carded non-woven products

Below are listed typical applications of non-woven fabrics produced in the drylaid web formation process. This is a great investment opportunity as wide number of products for different applications are made in this way.

carded products Geotextiles for use in road construction

Geotextiles for use in road construction

carded products Polyester batting for comforters

Polyester batting for comforters

carded products Comfort layers for mattresses

Comfort layers
for mattresses

carded products Interlining


carded products Felt