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Consultants to the FLEXIBLE polyurethane FOAM and non-woven

It is our constant endeavor to bring quality work and value with an emphasis on detail to our client’s organization.


Consultants with 40 years of hands-on experience in the flexible polyurethane foam and non-woven industries.

We work with all types of equipment and flexible polyurethane foam grades. Developed formulations for all types of foam grades including conventional, High Resilient foams and Visco Elastic foams.

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Our offer

We provide the highest quality of services in the industry

Regardless the size of the project our focus on quality remains the same. We provide our clients with insightfull guidance that results in optimal efficiency of the final production process.

Flexible Polyurethane foam production.
Continuous slabstock , discontinuous Block Foaming.
Molded PU foam.
Recycled PU foam and filled foams.
Consulting on new projects, right from feasibility to projects.
Identifying equipment for the project. and advising on correct equipment.
Providing hands-on training to production staff.
Suggesting cost saving measures to plants.
Laboratory set-up for testing foam.
Sourcing Raw material.
New Formulation for different grades of foam.
Presentations on different aspects of flexible foam at seminars or to individual factories.
Foam faults troubleshooting.
Foam factory audits.
Factory ergonomics, automation and safety.

If you need a consultant for setting up a spunbond line, flexible slabstock polyurethane foaming line, a bedding plant, a carding line for polyester wadding, felt or geotextiles contact us today!


Our offer

Professional consulting for the flexible polyurethane foam industry

Regardless the size of the project our focus on quality remains the same. We provide our clients with insightful guidance that results in optimal efficiency of the final production process.

We want to be your partner on your projects and help you from concept to completion. We can supply only the equipment or act as your consultants with the supply of the equipment or do it as a turnkey project.

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Your professional partners
polyurethane flexible foam

Flexible polyurethane

Flexible polyurethane foam is one of the most versatile materials ever created. Foam has become such a widely used material because it provides a unique combination of form and function.

spunbond products

Spunbond products

Process polymer chips are melted and the molten polymer is extruded through spinnerets. The continuous filaments are cooled and deposited on to a conveyor to form a uniform web.

carded products

Carded products

Carding is a mechanical process which starts with the opening of bales of fibres which are blended and conveyed for further processing in different ways to bond the fibers depending on the final products.


Our professional partners in the polyurethane and non-woven industries.

We are proud to work with renowned companies to ensure the highest level of our customers satisfaction.

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LinQ Tech professional consultants

LinQ Tech Inc. was established in 2001 in Oakville, Canada as a consulting company to provide expertise to clients who wanted to set up projects in the field of nonwovens, flexible polyurethane foam and spring mattresses without the experimentation involved in start-up.

Before we started the company, we have spent many years in senior Management and Technical positions with leading companies and have developed new products and processes to grow their business into large corporations.

We have established relationships with several reputed equipment manufacturers as well other suppliers in the field to ensure our clients can get to market quicker. We manage the project from concept right up to production.

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Why Us?

Benefits of working with our experienced consultants

Starting business in the flexible polyurethane foam industry or production of non-wovens like spundound or carded products? Perhaps there a need for modernization and better efficiency? We can help.

Independent viewpoint

A consultant is not a member of the organization and will tend to see the situation through fresh, disinterested eyes, without the filters and preconceived notions that internal people may have. Because the consultant is not involved in the internal politics of the informal organization, the views and opinions of the consultant can be accepted as unbiased.

Focus on a project

Consultants have no interest in company politics, career chasing, internal meetings etc. and tend to focus 100% on the project they are working on. The consultant has a fixed deadline, i.e. the end date of the contract and will normally always ensure that the work is completed to the project milestones.

Financial considerations

Fixed cost of hiring, established in advance purely for the term of the contract, and can be budgeted into the overall project. Once the project is completed, there are no ongoing employment costs or costs of redundancy like house benefit packages, no pensions commitment, no payment for holidays or sick time etc.

Temporary professional services

Organizations sometimes find themselves short of critical expertise in a given area. Engaging a consultant will probably be less expensive in the long run than hiring new managers or employees and long-term company commitment towards potential new hires.

Work force motivation

Using an external expert consultant can demonstrate to your work force that the company is committed to adding value to their personal development. Using an external consultant can provide more freedom of pression and opinion by delegates during the training sessions. This can lead to much more open discussion and participation by delegates, which can greatly enhance the viability of the project.


A consultant is only as good as their last project. They tend to gain employment mostly by referral and it is in their interest therefore, to always do as good a job as possible on each project giving 100% commitment. As external contractors, consultants tend to avoid all distractions and try to complete the project ahead of milestones where possible.

Experience and fresh ideas

Consultants, by the very nature of their work, will have worked across a wide and varied cross section of industries and organizations. They can provide valuable real-world experience and ideas that your staff may not have knowledge of, due to having to focus on their normal day-to-day occupations. This can promote a sense of thinking outside of the box by delegates and staff that they have contact with.